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For Your Industry

Optimized for the mobile and office-based workforces iKnowWare connects your team Anytime, Anywhere to market, sell, service, manage and grow your bottom line. Industry specific editions tuned for your business complement the highly customizable platform. Learn more...

Partner for Success

The iKnowWare platform compliments the offerings of many VARs and service providers. Join the Strategic Partner Program or Connectivity Alliance Program today and tap into the growth market for managed services and earn respectable recurring revenue. Learn More...

Leading in mHealth

Mobile Health initiatives depend on reliable and secure data gathering and exchange, key features of the iKnowWare platform. With our latest industry edition, adapted to the special needs of healthcare,  see how iKnowWare is shaping the future of health management today. 

iKnowWare is the solution to grow your business

Why get just a CRM solution for your business when you can get iKnowWare and manage your entire business with a single sign-on? The "i" in our name stands for imagination, invention and information. We are committed to developing tools that empower people and enable business growth. With iKnowWare your mobile and office based team members will excel in their roles with real time access to the information each individual needs. 

iKnowWare connects people, process and information 

Founded in 2002, iKnowWare was created to connect all areas of a business together under a single umbrella -- with the focus on people and their processes. 

See for yourself how easy iKnowWare is to use with an online demo or 30-day trial account.