About Us

Your company deserves the best solution

iKnowWare is designed and operated by people from diverse industries and disciplines who’ve learned that simplicity is the key to success. Introducing or upgrading your business automation systems should enhance current processes within an organization. Too often companies spend time and money changing their processes to use one, or many, systems to manage different aspects of the business. Information gets trapped in these systems limiting its value. In the end they get a system that people are unwilling to use. This helps explain the low adoption rate of CRM / ERP applications of only 20 percent (attribution?). Companies that have installed iKnowWare report much higher adoption rates, approaching 100%, because the platform is simple to use, yet very powerful. 

Founded in 2002, iKnowWare, LLC is based in Georgetown, Texas, just outside of Austin. Incorporation in Delaware is pending. Since launching the iKnowWare platform we have added new users at a steady pace selling direct, and with a shift in focus to  the Strategic Partner Program in 2010 iKnowWare is positioned to catch the wave of interest in supporting the increasingly mobile workforce. With Series A funding secured in 2011 iKnowWare will easily ramp up operations to stay ahead of growth. The iKnowWare for mHealth platform will be a big part of future growth as iKnowWare brings their experience in secure data management and mobile communications industry connections together with innovators in medical device production to bring positive change to the lives of many around the world. Stay tuned for announcements in Q2 2011. 

Imagination, invention and information

Our Vision

Each day we will earn our reputation as being among the world’s foremost providers of Information technologies and services. Our traditional core strengths lie in our respect for our employees, our customers and other individuals, for absolute corporate integrity & effectiveness.

We stand always for the traditional values of respect, trust, integrity, truth, rapid action, and for full cooperation within the workplace. We work in close partnership with our customers – to make them more effective in all they do by providing the right Information, technology platforms and tools for them to succeed in their marketplace.

Our Mission

Deliver solutions that enable customers to manage:

  • powerful and complex market forces
  • relentless industry change with connectivity
  • productivity-driven gains
  • globalization of industries
  • collaborative business growth

To design solutions that connect all areas of a business together with the focus on people and their processes, and make it affordable so companies of all sizes can have access to tools that will grow their bottom lines. 

Above all to make the tools simple and secure, but also empower mobile workers to be more productive and help them interact with office based team members. 

From the business plan:

Become the industry standard business process and operations tool for the office and mobile workforce.

  • iKnowWare gives mobile workers access to what they want to know about their operations where they want to know it so they can conduct business more efficiently. The positive impact on their bottom-line makes them loyal monthly subscribers. The market for iKnowWare is large and growing at a rapid rate. The personalization features and industry specific capabilities are unparalleled.

Extend the reach of iKnowWare into new markets.

  • With a robust strategic partner program in place iKnowWare can be aggressively marketed and sold to customers around the world. The design of the solution is dynamic and flexible and makes it easier to adapt it to specific industry needs.

Evolve the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to be Solution as a Service.

  • Setting the tempo on the evolution of the SaaS model will build shareholder value and position iKnowWare to lead a new wave of growth in the SaaS marketplace.