For Partners

Partner with iKnowWare for mutual success

At IKnowWare, we understand that successful partnerships are about more than simply doing business together. The ideal Strategic Partner Program (SPP) participants create greater opportunity for everyone involved to generate more incremental revenue than the organizations could realize by acting alone.

The iKnowWare Strategic Partner Program measures the success of our alliances according to two critical yardsticks:

  • Increased customer value through joint business solutions
  • The creation of incremental revenue opportunities for both IKnowWare and its partners

Our Mission is to deliver solutions that enable customers to manage:

  • powerful and complex market forces
  • relentless industry change with connectivity
  • productivity-driven gains
  • increasing globalization
  • collaborative business growth

The Strategic Partner Program is designed to bring the power of IKnowWare to expand the delivery of personalized solutions to individual customers.

Partnership Categories

IKnowWare aligns itself with a variety of best of breed companies in order to maximize the reach of our ecosystem of partnerships. There are three categories:

  • Strategic Partner Program (SPP) includes Managed Service Providers (MSP), Systems Integrators, IT Consultants and Value Added Resellers (VAR) 
  • Connectivity Alliance Partners (CAP): Communications Service Providers
  • Third party service providers

SPP participants include local, regional and national technology and communications companies. Click to learn more about the SPP, or call us today (number here)

We are building the CAP program  through alliance relationships with a variety of partners, including:

  • Symbol Technologies/Motorola
  • Microsoft as an ISV Software Solution Developer
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Carriers including AT&T, VerizonBusiness, VerizonWireless, and pending agreements with carriers in Europe and Asia  
  • Handset manufacturers, including Nokia forum, HTC and LG, Samsung, Ericsson, and Motorola 

Contact us today to learn how you can be a part of the CAP, or click to learn more. 

Third party service providers offering Hosting and Wireless Broadband Internet connectivity will bundle and resell iKnowWare. iKnowWare built the Strategic Partner Program empowering even the smallest providers to easily setup and manage customers efficiently. Click to learn more.