Strategic Partners

Grow with the Strategic Partner Program

Strategic Partner Program participants are active and significant players in the indirect iKnowWare revenue stream. They extend our reach into regions iKnowWare does not traditionally cover, and expand growth opportunities for our industry specific adaptations of iKnowWare.

Participants in the SPP include resellers, remarketers and distributors of business and/or technology products and services. There is a fee to join depending on the level (Gold or Silver) you will maintain, and in the first year you will recover your membership fee enroute to earning stream revenue of 15-25% in years two and beyond. Your organization will also become iKnowWare users which will help you run your own business better than ever.  

Your partnership commitment entitles you to benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • Royalties on the sales of iKnowWare Solutions that exceed most other partner programs and do not taper down. 
  • Discounts on training and education
  • Customer support via e-mail, phone, Webcasts, Messaging, Video Conferences or Web Solutions
  • SPP communications and updates
  • Access to the iKnowWare Solutions partner portal
  • Access to the iKnowWare Documents and Collateral Library

In addition, Regional iKnowWare SPP Managers spend extra time with our most strategic partners to build marketing and sales plans and define tiered discounts or royalties on iKnowWare sales.

The managed service nature of iKnowWare allows for exceptional recurring revenue streams for the SPP participant. Unlike a one-time hardware or software sale, an iKnowWare sale provides a monthly revenue stream which grows with time and usage. The typical selling cycle for iKnowWare is weeks and installation is measured in hours as compared to the months and sometimes years required to gain a traditional hardware/software sale and have it fully operational. There are no warranty expiration concerns with iKnowWare and the time and expense associated with application integration following the sale become non-issues.

Selling a “non-invasive” Software as Service (SaaS) solution such as iKnowWare, with the customer benefits it delivers, leads to extremely powerful customer relationships and for substantial revenue growth for SPP participants. 

With iKnowWare developing industry specific adaptations of our business solution, tremendous business opportunities exist for SPP participants with strong relationships in specific verticals (ie Insurance/Financial Services, Healthcare, construction, municipal government, consulting/engineering/project management, and so on)

Typical SPP participants fall into one of two categories:

  • Value Add Members  - consisting of ISPs/Web Hosting/Managed Services On-Site
  • Domain Expert Members  - consisting of specialized insight into a specific industry with personalization and data migration expertise to provide complementary technologies with integrated Hardware or Platform companies.

Ideal SPP participants include those with a vertical focus selling to small and mid-sized organizations, or communities of interest, in the 100 to 5,000 employee range. Organizations in this size range typically have understaffed IT departments and are challenged financially when it comes to building a Do-It-Yourself solution. These organizations find a managed service such as iKnowWare tremendously appealing. Organizations using iKnowWare will find that the cost/benefit equation is unequalled in anything they have ever previously implemented.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming an SPP participant.