Affilate Program

Starting point for a profitable relationship

The easy place to start a relationship with iKnowWare is our Affiliate Partner Program (APP), or iKnowLeads. As an iKnowLeads agent, your organization will collect a bonus for referring qualified prospects to iKnowWare (or an SPP or CAP?). Everyone is looking for opportunities to reach new customers. Your participation in iKnowLeads positions your organization to collect a bonus for referring qualified prospects that would benefit from iKnowWare’s products and services.

There is absolutely no cost to participate in the program. Contact us today to learn more. You can be based in the US or Canada. Let us know if you are interested in joining in other countries.

When you are approved we will start you on getting to know our sales process. You will provide a primary point of contact with iKnowWare, make reasonable efforts to endorse and promote iKnowWare solutions, and refer potential customers to iKnowWare.

The sales process for iKnowLeads is:

  • The interested party registers online by completing the iKnowLeads application.
  • The iKnowLeads participants identifies a potential lead and registers customer information by using the iKnowLeads form.
  • iKnowWare reviews the lead to determine if they are a current customer or prospect of iKnowWare and sends an "accept" or "reject" notification to the iKnowLeads participant within 7 business days.
  • An iKnowWare Sales Representative contacts the iKnowLeads participant to be introduced to the prospect, and works together with the iKnowLeads participant to close the deal.
  • iKnowWare receives PO from customer, or a web based secure purchase and the iKnowWare subscription customer.
  • iKnowWare manages customer billing and customer support.

Products Eligible for the iKnowLEADS Program:

  • All levels of iKnowWare for business
  • iKnowWare’s On-Line Training Sales
  • iKnowSYNC Hosted Outlook Synchronization Solution