Products and Solutions

Thinking outside the box

Our products don't come in a box, but they are the result of thinking outside of them. Software as a Service, (SaaS) or as we like to call it, Solution as a Service, means you just need a device that is connected to the Internet and a web browser to use it. We deal with the hassle and cost of servers and staff to maintain them so you don't have the capital expenditures associated with software from a box. Power on your smart phone, netbook, laptop or computer in your office and you are good to go. 

Different people in your organization need access to different information, and only a few need to access everything, so iKnowWare is available in four different levels. When you engage with iKnowWare, or an iKnowWare Strategic Partner, to design your solution you won't be paying for a one size fits all application. It makes iKnowWare affordable, but rest assured you won't need expensive add-ons and plug-ins to make iKnowWare do what you need it to do.  

Our solution is designed to run most any business from small to enterprise, but no one should have to change the way they work to accommodate their business management systems. A little adaptation is fine, but iKnowWare has been designed to be adaptable to the way your industry works. We have already created specific features for five industries, and more are in the works. If you need iKnowWare to conform to your way of working let us know and we'll make it work even better for you. 

The newest industry adaptation of iKnowWare serves the Mobile Health (mHealth) initiatives that are taking off today. Medical device manufacturers turn to iKnowWare when they need secure collecting of data, ease of use, and integration with mobile communications infrastructure. 

The last area of products and solutions is in customization services to integrate data from diverse systems and other programming services. The same team that can tie your inventory system into iKnowWare can be engaged to do other work not related to an iKnowWare implementation.