Customization Services

Automate existing processes to maximize the value of your company’s information

More than ever, the information you collect and manage is the life blood of your company. The iKnowWare platform is designed to help you derive the most value possible from your information, but when information is trapped in siloed systems you aren't maximizing the value. The programmers and information designers at iKnowWare can perform the custom programming and data integration work to give you the ability to organize and share that information in a safe, timely manner, inside iKnowWare. 

For many companies the biggest fear of moving to new systems is migrating data out of their legacy systems. iKnowWare’s data migration services experts have the skills and experience to guide you through any data migration project, including data stored on multiple legacy systems that do not share information.

Since iKnowWare is built on the industry standard .net framework, we are able to simplify the process of integrating with existing systems.

Connectivity in action

Whether you want to connect your inventory to a java-based Web store or run a custom report from Crystal Reports, iKnowWare delivers the integration services you need…because the data is yours.

Personalization is a key success factor

The iKnowWare platform provides a personalized experience sufficient for most businesses. There are scenarios where the ultimate user experience requires additional customization. We can conform iKnowWare more closely to your process or guide you through an industry-driven personalization to help you maximize your organization's efficiency.

Our personalization Services Iinclude:

  • Adding new steps to the business process
  • Tailoring options based on your industry or market vertical
  • Assigning Role names that fit your company titles.
  • iKnowWare is your personalized automation and knowledge management system.

 Contact iKnowWare to discuss your specific needs and we'll work with you to regain control of your company's information. 





iKnowWare is designed for people to understand and use immediately.

To enhance your iKnowWare experience, we offer multiple levels of training.

If you are interested in or would like more information on the iKnowWare training programs, please email us at

Self Paced Training

Every subscriber receives web-based video vignettes of the most common features of iKnowWare

Web Based Training

Class sized from 2-20

Instructor led training session via the Internet

Each class is 4 hours in length

OnSite Training

Max class sizes are 10 students

The class is done over a couple of days and totals 8 hours in length

OnSite Training is geared toward administrators and power users

Other Training




System Architecture