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Move beyond CRM with iKnowWare

For years, companies have implemented expensive legacy systems designed to manage customer relationships or automate specific processes and transactions that were lacking integrated intelligence.

With these applications, companies could gain short-term operations efficiencies but they were unable to gain insight into the most important aspect of their business: the customer. The Result? poor client relationships and, consequently, low return on investment.

iKnowWare is the first and only business process management solution that gives companies all they need to know — anytime, anywhere.

iKnowWare is an integrated Web-based application that empowers small businesses and growing companies to manage all aspects business processes. Because one size doesn't fit all there are four levels of access available from simple connectivity with field staff to a see everything administrator level. The monthly cost per user ranges from under $5 to $99. (Link to comparison page) With iKnowWare each person in your organization gets access to what they need to see to do their jobs, the information is tailored to the device they are using, and iKnowWare offers many features other CRM only systems expect you to pay extra for.

Through a secure storehouse of up-to-the-minute information, companies save time and money -- and have unprecedented visibility into their operations, resulting in a strong ROI. All without adding costly infrastructure or personnel.

iKnowWare is an easy-to-learn, quickly implemented, secure solution that enables communication between people regardless of the software or devices they use. This makes iKnowWare perfectly suited for today's mobile workforce who need to access business information on a variety of portable devices. Back a the office non-mobile workers can easily exchange information and see the latest view of the business easily too. 

The best practice solution for you isn't a new solution

The goal of iKnowWare is to streamline your business processes — not replace them. The architecture of our solution can serve many businesses and industries without adaptation, and we can also develop industry specific solutions for your business. 

Avoid the trap of implementing large isolated systems under the guise of “best practice solutions.” Too often they didn't really work all that well for the company that defined them as best practice and all you will experience is a significant loss of time and energy spent on implementing infrastructure changes, and process discovery sessions.

Precious company resources are then spent “learning the best practices solution” — which ends up being a new set of procedures for doing the same cumbersome processes you were trying to streamline in the first place!

In addition, there is the hard cost of engaging full-time consultants to “customize” this application so it does what you thought you were paying for in the first place.

Who knows your business better than you?

Your success has been the result of your knowledge, your methods.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a business process management solution that could be personalized for your people and your processes — without the cost of infrastructure, consultants or time-consuming training?

What if your existing data from multiple legacy systems could easily be accessed from a single system, enabling you to integrate marketing, sales, finance, operations, distribution and client interaction as never before?

Effectively managing all of your business processes with iKnowWare—marketing, sales and service, task management, operations, distribution, finance and client relationships—with greater efficiency is the new "best practice solution."

Through a secure storehouse of up-to-the minute information, companies save time and money and have unprecedented visibility into their operations, without adding expensive infrastructure or personnel. iKnowWare is the first and only business management solution that gives companies all they need to know, anytime, anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • Be up and running in 30 days, less in most cases
  • Connect your entire organization regardless of hardware (PC, PDA, Mobile or VoIP Phone)
  • Marketing and demand generation management
  • Pipeline forecasting, sales management & reporting
  • Stronger customer and brand loyalty through improved service.
  • Inventory, Project and Task management
  • Order Entry, Scheduling and messaging
  • Variable pricing by date or SKU
  • Secure document and knowledge management