The right level for each person on your team

Everyone in your organization has different responsibilities and needs. Why pay for the same level of service for everyone?

iKnowWare is designed to simplify business process management, resulting in a better ROI for the efforts of every person within the organization.

One reason iKnowWare is different is that we understand organizations have different needs for different people. Why pay for case management for the person who answers the telephone and schedules meetings? Why pay for competitor tracking for a project manager? With iKnowWare, you pay as you grow, add a new departmental assistant, add another iKnowBasic Account . It really is that easy.



The most vital organization tools

Stay organized anytime, anywhere...all you need is a connection to the internet.

Organization helps to create easy communication. iKnowWare facilitates communication within the team, and with customers. iKnowWare makes communication, scheduling of resources and reporting simple.

  • Schedule appointments, meetings, conference rooms and even equipment
  • Send internal or SMS messages to team/co-workers and to and from clients
  • View your vital information on any Web enabled device
  • Send HTML based broadcast e-mail to your leads list
  • Store and share documents on a permission view basis
  • Vast reporting capabilities, built in!

Organization is vital for business to succeed. Do you think you have the information you need? With iKnowBasic, you know.




Advanced tools for growing business

Whether your company is service or product based, iKnowAdvanced has the tools you need to streamline your processes, connect sales & marketing efforts and monitor service request resolutions

  • Track projects, tasks, service calls and consultations
  • Manage e-mail, fax, advertising, direct mail and phone campaigns
  • Place orders with the confidence of real time inventory views
  • Manage client, customer and vendor relationships

Connecting different parts of the organization is vital to the growth of a company. Do you think your business is growing? With iKnowAdvanced, you know.




Everything a business needs to organize, grow and measure performance, in one single place

Performance measurement is the key to the long-term health of an organization. Whether your business is segmented by product centers, or faced with a distributed workforce, or deliver services, iKnowprofessional gives you the tools to understand what is working in your business and what needs some work.

  • Manage accounts with secure finance and operation views
  • Track and share competitive information with dynamic reporting
  • Web based lead capture, tracking and reporting
  • Easily Manage and segment up to the minute lists for campaigns
  • Manage sales and forecast as never before with power dashboards
  • Run specials and campaigns with variable pricing by date or SKU

By combining the power of organization, growth management and performance measurement into one system, you finally have the ability to see your company as it really is. Do you think your company is performing at its potential? With iKnowWare, you know.

One year prepaid for 10 iKnowProfessional subscribers receives TWO (2) MONTHS FREE!!